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Our 10th Birthday Crazy Sale!

By October 5, 20152 Comments

October 5th 2005 , Smallville Comics was born!

We opened our doors on Wed 5th October 2005 at 7AM! I’ll never forget how excited I was! (Smile Emoticon). Never in a million years did I think that we’d still be around 10 years later! We owe a lot to you guys!
So today being our 10th Birthday we’ll be running a SPECIAL SALE at our Alberton Branch ONLY!

BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! Yes, you read correctly, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! That’s on ANYTHING at the Alberton City branch ONLY! You can mix and match, you pay for the more expensive item. You can Buy 2, 3, 4 and get 2, 3, 4 Free!

A couple of things to point out:

    • This is a CASH or EFT ”Special Sale” ONLY!
    • If you guys want to pay by card then the 2nd item will be charged 20% of its original price.
    • One sale per customer! In other words, you cant buy in the morning then come back later in the afternoon and buy more. You can however buy 5 items in one go and get 5 free!
    • Sale includes EVERYTHING at the Alberton Branch!
    • Excludes anything being kept aside at both stores and call orders.
    • Out of towners can join in provided EFTs are done tomorrow. We’ll be posting up pictures early tomorrow morning of the store. Excludes shipping, we use ONLY PostNet and Courier.
    • Doors open at 7AM (That’s the exact time that the doors were open 10 years ago)
    • Doors close STRICTLY 6PM!
    • Feel free to bring cake & gifts! (hint hint)

Thanks for making the past 10 years great! Here is to the next 10 years smile emoticon. Any questions?

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