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About Smallville Comics

Joe started Smallville Comics in 2005 and even though many people didn’t believe the little shop would last, it still stands today, 10 years later, and is the biggest Comic Shop in South Africa! When Smallville Comics first opened its doors it was filled with a lot of empty space, but today the shop offers dozens of different comic book titles, graphic novels, statues and a whole lot more.

A quote from Joe, “As a comic book store we have strived to give our customer variety from Superheroes to movies, music and collector’s items. If we do not have it, we will try our best to find it for you.”

It just goes to show that with passion, determination and a great community backing you, even small shops in the most unlikely of places can thrive and grow into a large scale collectible landmark.

Remember folks, there’s a hero inside Everyone!

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