Online Store Account Activation

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online store account activation - feature svc - Online Store Account Activation

Online Store Account Activation has been Resolved!

The struggle is real when it comes to owning an eCommerce Website. Hackers are hungry for your personal information, and it is the developer’ responsibility to make sure your info stays ironclad.

In order to try our best to circumvent the challenges in allowing new members to register an account to track their order history, and sift through “fake” registrations or “spam bots”, we have now got a solution to get your activation code to you in a very inconspicuous way that a hacker bot cannot replicate.

Yes, we understand it is not a simple 1-button registration and activation process, but there still needs to be some element of “complexity” to prevent a “bot” from pretending to be a newly registered client, and gaining access to everyone’s personal information, contact details, email adresses and shipping addresses.

Take a look at the Video Guide

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